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Step-by-step guide

This plugin provides various different features and options to be as flexible as possible when working with Clothes2Order, however please note, this is not an offical plugin provided by Clothes2Order, so any changes from Clothes2Order may result in failed orders.

Ensure you have an understanding on WooCommerce before attempting to use this plugin.

Please review all documentation on this page to ensure understanding of the purpose of this plugin so you know if it is right for your use case.

  • Ensure you have WooCommerce installed, WPClothes2Order relies on WooCommerce, so attempting to install WPClothes2Order without WooCommerce will not work.
  • Download and install WPClothes2Order, you will be prompted to enter your Clothes2Order API Credentials.
  • Once you have entered your API Credentials, Add a new / Edit a WooCommerce Product.
  • There will be a new meta section titled with WPClothes2order.
  • Select the option to enable this product as a Clothes2Order product.
  • Once selected, you will then see a range of other available options which you need to complete.
  • Once all fields are completed appropriately, the product is now setup for ready to be sent to Clothes2Order when it is purchased.
  • When this product is purchased & the auto order option is enabled, an attempt to send the purchase request to Clothes2Order will happen.
  • The result of that request will be added to the order notes, so please review the order notes of orders which contain marked Clothes2Order products.
  • If the purchase went through, the order note will let you know that, however if the request failed, the order note should show the reason provided by Clothes2Order.
  • If a purchase failed to go through to Clothes2Order, please get in touch with Clothes2Order as the failure possibly occured on their side and not this plugin.
  • Please review all option tabs under the WPC2O plugin menu as there are various features you may want to enable/disable.

Thank you for reading the getting started guide, we hope this has been useful, however if you have any further questions, please take a look on our FAQs page.

Community driven

WPClothes2Order is an open source community created project.

Need a new feature? Submit a new feature request or fork the project and extend it however you wish!