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Intergrate your WooCommerce store products with Clothes2Order, the drop shipping service.

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Features include:

  • Automaitcally send new orders to Clothes2Order
  • Keep your products stock status & stock level up-to-date with what Clothes2Order have available each day
  • Choose logo positions based on the type of products you are selling
  • Track your Clothes2Order specific orders with an informative interface
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Logo positions

Easily select appropriate logo positions depending on the types products you are selling.

We have made these complex options easy to work with.

Simply select the type of product you are selling and automatically see the available logo positions available.

Keep your stock

Every night WPClothes2Order will grab Clothes2Orders current stock and automatically set the status of your enabled products so you dont have to.

When enabled, WPClothes2Order can also keep your enabled product stock levels up-to-date. No more sales going through if Clothes2Order cannot fulfill the order.

Keep on top of your products

We have made it easy to know which of your products are WPC2O enabled and if so, what options you have chosen without painfully going through each product.

Community driven

WPClothes2Order is an open source community created project.

Need a new feature? Submit a new feature request or fork the project and extend it however you wish!